5 Things I Love about Bantayan Island

Summer is not over yet. With the scorching heat and humid air, the beach is our best option. 

We took the early morning flight to Cebu via Cebu Pacific Air using the travel fund we were not able to use last April. Just a piece of advice, never ever cancel a flight or if you may, please be careful with the rebooking because at least 3 of the customer service representatives in Cebu Pac are not that familiar with the process and you will end up being charged on top of the charges you have to bear when you cancelled the flight. (Oh well, just don’t cancel)  

Moving on, since this was a summer getaway with my college friends, budget won’t be my focus. Good thing we had our transpo for free. Thanks to you Liezl and your connections. 😍 Mactan is 3 hours  away to port of Hagnaya, Then 1 hour Ferry ride to port of Sta Fe, Bantayan Island. Ferry costs 170 + 10 pesos terminal fee. 

So here’s my list of 5 things I love most about Bantayan Island:

1. Placid Beach

We booked an overnight stay in Beach Placid, one of the best spot to capture the sunrise. The sea in front of the resort was placid, 2 days no waves.

They have a shuttle service from the port to resort so transfers won’t be a problem. I love that when we arrived the sea was super enticing and blue that you wanna jump in right away. But of course, it was past the hour of 12 and we are already starving. 

Cost: 3,600 php/night for 6 pax

2. Love/Hate the Food in Beach Placid Resto. 

I love the food, you can taste the difference from the usual dish. However, service was quite slow. Perhaps because of the probinsya feels. It was like everyday is a Sunday morning for the crew. Slow-mo. 

3. Kind Bangkeros

We have no plans for the afternoon so we decided to do an island hopping. Though I am not sure it is really an island hopping because we only docked on one of the tour destinations which is still connected to the main island of Bantayan.

I find snorkeling fun, it is one of the things I looked forward to everytime I visit a place. Yes, I still enjoyed the snorkeling activity even when there’s not much coral garden and fishes to see on the spot where we parked. (Too bad) 
We also ditched the second of the island hopping destination. We find it misleading when they still name an island virgin even if there’s already a resort built and charge you with soaring entrance fees. Pretty disappointing. 

But thanks to our kind boatman, even with the communication gap, he really tried his best to understand what we want. 

4. Locals 

We met Ate Joan, receptionist from the Nature Park, which is one of the tour destination in our island hopping. For a minimum of 100 pesos, you’ll get to see the different amenities of the park and for an extra 100 pesos, you are free to use them. You can go swimming in the cave, fish spa, tour in their mini zoo and dive in the pool and you will be entertained by this witty and funny receptionist. Ate Joan became a friend and even joined us for dinner at Cafe del Mar.

5. Low-tide at night

The good news about the low-tide is you have at least a 100-meter stretch of beach front in the evening which is well lit. You could bring your music, go dancing, and sway your hair in the wind. Trust me, this is so much fun to do with the girls. Highlight of my Bantayan.