In Between

A meal shared with the family. Quality time with loved ones. Bonding with friends. Really, how can we have all this time and still feel like we haven’t done anything much?

One time I told myself, I’d like to learn French and Japanese, but only to start 3 years later. I would often ask myself, what happened in between?

There are some days which I feel will never end, and reaching the next day seems to be forever. But looking back, sometimes a year would make you feel like it was just yesterday.

5 years ago, I went through a horrible breakup and thought everything would go down from there. Only to meet the love of my life 2 years later. The funny thing is, you go through hell and all of a sudden you are as thick as wood once again. But really, what keeps us going? As a coffee commercial would say, “para kanino ka bumabangon?”

I believe it’s our dreams. Not just simple dreams but Big Dreams that keep us going. I failed a lot of times in life. I envy those people who commit to not failing or say failing is not an option. Failing should never be an option, what if it happens?

I don’t want to say that everything will be fine. It might be, eventually. But while you are still on stage, feel every moment of it. Feel that you are just a human and that sometimes it’s not always about winning the moment, of getting a crown and a trophy. I bet most of the time, life is about those moments you cried and thought that it is no longer worth living for.

Yet, you live the in-between.