New Year 2014

Last night we celebrated the welcoming of 2015. But, let me look back first before I totally bid 2014 goodbye.

Last year, I knew it was a travel year for me or I could say it’s a YOLO year if you know what I mean. I knew in my heart that I really wanted to see and explore the world alone and be free. Come February, the most exciting thing happened. Ready to explore more and see the world, God gave His first gift for me for the year. Maybe this was His way of telling me that it’s better to see and explore the world with someone. In February the season of hearts, I met Paolo.

Coming out from a very bad relationship 2 years ago, this was the first time I felt real. God’s timing was indeed perfect.

Moving forward, there are really lessons in life that you need to learn the hard way, some of them I could say are cute. Yeah cute, it was petty yet it really gave me a lesson. Don’t say YES to every invitation during summer. Hahahaha Last year, I went on a back to back trip to La Union – Baler – La Union – Baler for surfing for a month followed by unending summer getaways from different set of groups. It was indeed tiring at some point. I love to travel but maybe I am really made for the bank. Haha.

As my birth month was fast approaching I couldn’t help but get excited for my one year planned Korea getaway. It was total freedom. Freedom from work and all the stress in life could offer. I am a different person in a different world. The trip was worth it!

Gaining a lot from the past years, I’ve learned not to book beach vacays during the months of June-September. For one, it is rainy. Thankful enough my Palawan trip was on November and it was super sunny. I had so much fun. The catch? My iphone drowned to its death, thanks to Mr. Boatman and my friend Nizza for ending my iphone’s life. Lol. Gave me a lot to think about during the last remaining days of the trip. The next week after El Nido Palawan, I went to Taipei with my boyfriend. Taipei is very tourist friendly. Friendlier than Korea with regards to english translations I guess.

The last days of December was really quick for me. Every weekend, there’s a party. I’d like to say that December is a month of sharing and quality time with old friends and family indeed.

Happy to say that my 2014 was indeed a blessing. Surely, there are tough times but thank God it’s over now and I got rid of it! 🎉🎋🎁

Cheers to a Happy New Year! Cheers for a wonderful 2014!