Foodtrip: Apag Marangle, Bacolor Pamapanga

My boyfriend accompanied me for a quick errand to Lubao, Pampanga today and on our way we thought of doing a little food trip. We planned on eating at Mila’s somewhere in Angeles as one of his boss’ preference when it comes to Kapampangan food however due to the bad weather we’re expecting to come this afternoon, we limited our options to restos nearby Lubao. 4 years ago, while browsing the pages of flavors magazine, I came across the article which featured different fantastic restos all over Pampanga and one of them was Apag Marangle. I’ve been wanting to try out this resto ever since. They have several branches already but I wanted to try out the main branch which was in an “Isdaan” (fish pond) setting, very native and filipino. Good thing it was just on the way.

Apag Marangle – meaning Hain sa Bukid (Restaurant in a farm) is a restaurant with tables and cottages placed in the middle of a fishpond surrounded by trees. It’s very naturey and filipino.


We ordered Mustasa with Buro (Mustard with fermented Rice) . Very unexpected to me because I never thought mustard is ok to eat raw, I was expecting it cooked or blanched but it was raw like a lettuce and it’s actually good . Yay to first time! The fermented rice (buro) was delicious as well though I’m kind of expecting that the rice will be a little bit in bits/finer or crushed to the point that you won’t notice that it is rice. Well, like the ones in Abe’s (sorry for the comparison) but overall it taste delish.

We also ordered Betute or stuffed Frog which is considered an exotic food here in the Philippines. The frog wasn’t crunchy but the meat stuff was cruchy. I kind of love it hate it.

Lastly, we ordered Tidtad or Dinuguan in Tagalog. It’s a very popular main dish here in the Philippines which usual color is black due to the Pig’s blood (main ingredient) however Apag Marangle’s version of Dinuguan or Tidtad isn’t black but the taste is perfect and really taste like our favorite dinuguan. Well of course it still has pig’s blood in it but it is already solidified or we usually call it betamax here in the Philippines. To cap off our lunch we ordered fresh coconut in shell. Over all we enjoyed the ambience and the food and most of all we enjoyed the price because it’s not expensive like the Isdaan restautant in Gerona Tarlac. Price range is from 50-300 and it’s already good for sharing.



Before heading home, we decided to visit and pray for awhile at the San Guillermo Bacolor Church which was half buried due to lahar on October 1, 1995.


Weekend in Leyte 2012

On a rainy weekend, people would rather stay at home and drink hot cocoa, read a book or watch movies all day. I also prefer that  but instead I went on a trip to Leyte. Given a plane ticket? I wouldn’t put it to waste.  So here are a few pictures I took on my one-day-roaming-in-Leyte last August.

Via Cebu Pacific I arrived in Tacloban.

It was a rainy day in Tacloban. Looking at the sky I could sense It will be heavy.

Tacloban Airport

The sky knows what I was feeling back then; Gloomy. I’m kidding. lol

First stop, Sto Nino Shrine and heritage museum. It was one of the presidential rest house that was built during the time of the late President Marcos. In every facades of the mansion are the memorabilia of the Marcos’ during his reign. Totally the place was “Imeldified” with elegance, class and luxury. I can imagine how beautiful it was years ago, and still is. It is good to know that the community preserved and restored every part of it for tourism and educational use.


Sto Nino Shrine
Sto Nino Shrine

Of course the trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the church.

Sto Nino Church
Sto Nino Church
flower vendor outside the church
flower vendor outside the church

From Tacloban to the San Juanico Bridge.

This long stretch connects Leyte and Samar. It has an arch shaped truss design with a total length of 2.16 KM, it is considered the longest bridge in the Philippines that spans in a body of sea water.


For dinner: Ocho seafood Grill.I highly recommend this restaurant because they serve quality and delicious food. Also, at a very reasonable price.

Chicken Binakol
Chicken Binakol
Grilled Squid
Grilled Squid
Spicy Crab
Spicy Crab
Seaweed Salad
Seaweed Salad

The next day I went to Jaro Leyte where most of my relatives resides. Explored a few places but in the afternoon It kept on raining so I had no other choice but to stay in the resort where I checked in. 🙂

That sums up my sudden trip to Leyte. I kind of missed my friends that time so I called most of them while the rain was pouring heavily on the roof and the wind gushes while I hear sounds of breaking branches of the trees outside. Thus, I must conclude I went to Leyte with that heavy feeling like the typhoon who was there with me and yes I think I need some alone time.

Jaro Leyte
Jaro Leyte


February 14, 2012 -aka the Valentines day/Hearts day where everything and everywhere we see are red heart-shaped balloons and red roses. Everyone has the excuse to show some gestures of love including myself. So last week I mentioned about my surprise gift for him… and thank God I was able to pull it off nicely. In other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea the girls usually give the guys some chocolates on Valentines day and it’s more special when homemade, but for me I skipped the chocolates and go for a more lasting gift – atleast a refillable pen.

So for the V-dinner, we opted to eat at Greenbelt because of the variety of restaurants around. We chose to dine at Masas who offers great Filipino Cuisine. We had Nilasing na Hipon- a deep fried marinated shrimps served with spicy vinegar.

Nilasing na Hipon

Sinigang na Baka – Tender beef ribs in Tamarind broth

Sinigang na Baka

Fresh Mango Shake and Buko Pandan Shake

Mango Shake and Buko Pandan Shake

Leche Flan Duo -Homemade crème caramel in two flavors – egg and ube yam

Leche Flan Duo

The food is good for sharing so it’s better if you come with a group. The Leche Flan Duo is truly heaven, I love it! The food is superb although we waited a little bit for the food to be set but over all- the dinner was great!

… after the dinner, I went home straight and to my surprise there was a box of cake from Tous Les Jours! SURPRISE SURPRISE!

A heart Shaped Cake!

Hearty Cake

Valentines Day 2012!