DKS year end party

Two weeks ago, the company where I work celebrated its 10th year anniversary at the Solaire Casino and Resorts hotel. It was a night of glam and glitz and this was quite a change from last year’s. It seems like there’s really more to be thankful for this year. Of course, compared to last year our country is now more prepared when it comes to storm and typhoon. One big check!

Anyhow, I came in the event wearing an evening gown designed by Sheiralyn So. You might wanna check ’em in IG: sheiralyn

Although, I was planning to have my make up done by someone like Kris Bacani, I did not have the time to still go to her house, hence I opted to find one which is near the hotel I’m staying at somewhere in MOA. I spent the afternoon buying accessories for the night and I guess somehow I felt like I’ve already spent alot for one day. Unwilling to spend much money in make up anymore, I therefore went the “pangmasa” way. Yes, GRR and they still have the “rawr”. Told the person who did my make up to have it smokey and asked him to put on some false lashes in my eyes (something I’ve learned from Michelle Phan) for glamorous and evening ready make up.


Back in the hotel where I stayed, A friend of mine came and escorted me to Solaire. Thanks to you Sir Jibens. It was an evening filled with beautiful people and of course unlimited drinks and cocktails.

’til the next year end event Deutsche Bank!


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