Travel 2014: El Nido and Puerto Princesa Palawan

El Nido

Now checking off my bucketlist: Puerto Princesa, Coron Palawan and now El Nido.

We stayed in the cozy house called Marikit Pensionne, which is just 3 minutes away from the beach where all the boatmen park their “tourist boats”.

El Nido offers 4 different tours (A,B,C,D). Ours was tour A and tour C. What I liked best was tour C which includes my favorite beaches which are not known to many and the other one is very hard to find. Nah, I’m just kidding but these two beaches are secret beach and hidden beach.

Most of the time, we were snorkeling with the fishes and swimming in the deep blue sea. But the fun part of the trip was the buffet lunch served by the boatmen. It was indeed the best seafood experience so far. Fruits were carved, designed to entice you and the grilled fish? Ooh lalala heaven in my mouth while you hear the relaxing sound of waves by the shore. It was indeed the best R&R.

We ended our trip in El Nido with a fun drinking session in our accommodation “Marikit Pensionne” on our second night.


Next, Puerto Princesa City. We started of with a very early morning trip to the underground river. I have visited PPUR in 2011 and I know it’s not nice to say this, but there’s not much changes to see. But I would still recommend visiting PPUR for the first timers.

Moving on, everyone was already hungry for some real Palawan local cuisine, we indulge ourselves to a buffet lunch for only 200 pesos that includes our experience of eating Tamilok or what they call Wood worm found living inside the woods of Mangrove trees around Palawan. Don’t worry it’s not really a worm but a part of the mollusk family however, it resembles a worm. But it definitely tastes and feels like raw oysters.

That last afternoon in Puerto Princesa was quite quick. We had the City tour but due to time constraint we limit it to the best of best of what the City has to offer, that includes Pasalubungan Place (Goodies place). Hahah

By the way, our accommodation in Puerto Princesa was a newly constructed lodge which was not yet operational at that time. Owner came from Germany to open a business here in the Philippines. The lodge has a fresh and cozy feel whose owner’s number I won’t be able to provide due to my lost phone. But you may contact Marikit Pensionne, owner of both inn or lodge are pretty much related.

Anyhow, overall, the trip was worth it even in my case who have lost a phone.

Here’s a sample guide for you for El Nido – PPS:

Day 0 – 9 PM Arrival in PPS

1 AM Arrival in El Nido

Day 1 – Tour A

– Dinner Sea Slugs

Day 2 – Tour C

Day 3 – Underground River tour & PPS city tour

Day 4 – Departure

Accommodation (El Nido) – Marikit Pensionne

Due to the lost of my phone during the trip, I also lost my contact. Good thing they have a website which you could visit.

Kuya Sonny, the owner of the pension house, arranged almost everything for us (Van transfers, Tour, Puerto Princesa tours and Accommodation) and even gave us a discount.

Thanks to you!

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